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C00020 - Cables, gentner, remote antenna etc

C00020 - Cables, gentner, remote antenna etc

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Need better photos of everything, but the gentner to be able to determine the models

Gentner TX-37A Assisted Listening System

Only transmitter to combine multiband compression, automatic gain control, and peak limiting so there is no clipping or overmodulation

•Superior overall sound quality, and dynamics control

• Transmits to an area of more than 700,000 square feet, so the TX-37A is low cost for large venues

•Easily connects to any source—universal input stage provides input for mic, line, or speaker level, balanced or unbalanced

•Field selectable channels (37) with digital tuning for lower risk of interference

•Built-in test tone aid for quick and easy receiver tuning

•Supplied with flex antenna, remote mount, and 50' RG174 type cable

•Audio input level meter for visible indication of audio input and levels

•Adjustable RF level allows control of RF coverage

•Rugged steel chassis for enhanced RF quality

•Audio monitor jack with volume control

•Aphex®processing for increased intelligibility

•Wide area FM system works outdoors in bright light, no line of sight restrictions

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