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F00009 - Sequoia Dining Table, 5x3, with 4 Foldable Chairs

F00009 - Sequoia Dining Table, 5x3, with 4 Foldable Chairs

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Modern meets timeless elegance with this spectacular dining room set. Made with high quality, rare sequoia hardwood, the dining room table is sure to last you a lifetime and is resistant to scratches. Built from a slightly modified slab cut straight from a sequoia tree, the table retains its natural beauty. The modern industrialist harmonic-design that is achieved from mixing black painted metal with natural wood is a timeless statement. 

Table Dimensions: 5'x3'

The 4 polished foldable all natural hardwood chairs fit perfectly with the aesthetic design of the table. Foldable and easy to store when needed. High quality build to ensure that they fold properly, but also be able to support heavy loads. A perfect cozy modern day design.

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